02 January 2006

Tonsilitis et al

So after spending 4 hours in the emergency room this evening it turns out I have very severe tonsilitis mixed with some other complications on top of it.

My report on the performance of Valley Medical Center is less than stellar. To be fair the nurses and techs all appeared very competent and polite. The blood and IV lady in particular was fabulous. I've had some bad experiences in that department so it was truly appreciated.

Unfortunately, the doctor really didn't have a very good bed-side manner and was unable to perform the procedure that finally figured out what was wrong. He did manage to call in the ENT specialist who finally got me diagnosed and treated. Okay, he probably did lot's more than that, he just didn't communicate very well and was pretty rough and unsympathetic.

The real thing that got to me was the constant changing of nurses and technicians. That and they left my anti-biotics drip in way to long. You would think that in four measly hours I would have changed nurses less than 7 times. But no.

I have nothing but good things to say about the specialist who came in specifically to check me out. He was able to perform the procedure smoothly, talked clearly and with sufficient detail. In the end I got some prescriptions and stumbled out. Hopefully, I'll show improvement before I have to fly again in two days.

On a completely different note I found it interesting how alone and vulnerable I felt when filling out the medical forms and I realized I don't really have anyone who could be an emergency contact. Just someone please call my mom if you ever hear I died. She should probably know. ;-)

( Editorial Note: after re-reading the above it sounded like a cheap play for sympathy. At the time, it was, thanks to the miracle of Hydrocodone. Please just chuckle and ignore. ) l In any case, now I'm doped up and feeling much better. A sincere thanks to the two people who asked. You know who you are. More later...


me said...

dude... thats lousy, sorry you came down with that, hope to see you soon back on the project site. rest up, get well...

Miss Chrissy said...

I hope you are fine now! i have no idea!