13 January 2006

Adios Denver, I'm Sick...

My apologies for not keeping up my posts the last couple days.  Evidently, tonsilitis can come back if you don't keep up your antibiotics.  So after a terrific send-off from my Denver crew I'm back in the city of rain doped up on hydrocodone et al.

Not sure where I'll end up next.  Just trying to get through the next couple of days without walking off a balcony or drowning in the bath tub.

Oh, I have managed to finish the next segment of that new site I was working on. For some reason I get a lot of code written when I can't feel my fingers and I can only hear the color blue.  I'll see if I can't string together enough coherent words to put up a reflections post later today.

1 comment :

Anonymous said...

KB - Get well soon.

Glad that you flew home with a hearty hangover.