01 June 2005

Stellar Kart

Just got done listening to a great new album that I really enjoyed. The group is Stellar Kart and the album is All Gas. No Brake. With obvious influences by New Found Glory, Relient K, and Blink-182 they are sure to please anyone longing for the good old days when songs like Sadie Hawkins and Hit or Miss made us lose our cool dancing like crazy. If you try it you'll like it. Obvious exceptions being the TC's (read: people who are just Too Cool) like Eric in L.A. and Scot and Neal in Seattle. They're too elite to fall for such smoothly produced, obvious ear-candy that is the staple of the unwashed masses eager to simply sing and dance with glee. Aside from the notable TC's, these guys are garnering fans and rising on the charts quickly. Check 'em out!

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