08 June 2005

Mujirushi Ryohin

I'm a believer. Sort of. "No label, quality goods" is the english translation of this extraordinary Japanese company. Since that would be hard to say three times fast, they are mostly referred to as Muji. The key concept is to have great designers provide simple, practical, every day items that are suitable for the average person. Elegant and functional they aren't branded at all. No stickers, labels, logos, nothing. This ultra-minimalist approach to branding makes for some really top-notch products without the fuss and clutter of aligning to a brands uniqueness. With Muji, the lack of brand IS the unique element. Frankly I find it refreshing to see a company that is eco-friendly, but not in your face about it. They are responsible with their designs and their product lines. They offer functional and economic value not hype and bloat. Some of the designers who reportedly contribute to Muji include top names like Enzo Mari and Jasper Morrison. They also employ 15 in-house designers in their Tokyo headquarters. With Simplify playing such a critical part of my world-view, I have a lot of respect for the supporting theme of Muji. How long can they stay pure?

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