30 May 2005

On The Beach

For my quiet time one day I and walked on the beach. There was an old couple out for a stroll coffee cups in hand chatting lazily. I was perched on a huge rock with Bible in hand and headphones precisely as I'd sat many years prior. All at once I was hit with a total sense of déjà vu. Then I looked eagerly forward, having at the time had only a few yesterdays. Now I looked only backwards and was almost void of any thoughts of tomorrows. Westward view in mornings glory They walk the beach clichéd but not No sun but Light and Joy of self and Him Slip-slide in sand but stable Memory awakens Many morns alike in years past Introspective then of days to be Retrospective now no desire to be Unbidden still they come Intrude in solitude. What...Life...Remember?

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