30 May 2005

Holiday's Will Do That

This weekend I took part in the same tradition that many adhere to on Memorial Day weekend. I went with some friends to spend time out doors, sleep on the ground, eat meat cooked on an open flame, get eaten by bugs, and general cavort in the wilderness. Camping is such fun. This particular weekend I had the pleasure of socializing with several of my best friends in a spot I remembered well from many years past. The beach was bright and sunny, the grass green, and companionship excellent. I even had the pleasure of making some new acquaintenances. None of whom had all that much Frisbee Golf experience going into the weekend, and all of whom have considerably improved on the outset. I'll have plenty of pictures polished and present shortly. Sunday I had to bolt back to Denver to catch up on some work and on this holiday I was mostly neck-deep in numbers and sinking fast. Because I believe most fastidiously that respect for others is a matter of my own honor, I did take time to reflect and offer a sincere salute to those this day remembers. Consider my words encouragement for you to offer your own accolades to the deserving.

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