09 May 2005

L.A. with Vengence

Most of this L.A. Story has been edited for appropriateness and length. Thursday Drew and I hung out waiting for Josh to finish a final. Then we had a little fiesta at the pad. We were up to late, and a little too loud. The neighbors are cool, and everybody had a good time.

Friday Moving day, errand day, etc. We had to move everyone out of the dorms into their respective new abodes.
Somehow Cory managed to get me and Drew to move pretty much all his stuff. None of his stuff was ready to go so we made him start working on it. Meanwhile, we went to sell back books and hook up with some friends on the noll. When we got back, he was eating Thai food with Kelly from next door! What a punk. ;-)
We tried to get something started at the Playa house, but alas everything fell apart. So we ended up back where we began for another great shin-dig. Again up to late. Again everybody enjoyed it.
Saturday It started much earlier than it probably should have. But at least this time we had real food for brunch! Josh and I went down to Manhattan Beach and walked around. It was fun playing tourist a little. And just sitting in the sun with a good friend. No uncomfortable silences, just the perfectly comfortable ones. All the usual deep/semi-deep/shallow conversations as well. It was meaningful, and real. Much needed. Saturday night I went out with my buddy Mike who I haven't seen in quite a while. We met up with some friends of his and I got to enjoy a little of the L.A. bar scene. The company was most excellent and more than made up for the environmental short-comings. While we were in the bar, someone actually set off pepper-spray so everyone was running around and stuff. It was kindda crazy. Sunday Mike and I had a nice brunch and what-not on Sunday morning. Then I went back down to Santa Monica with Josh, Cory, Drew, and Alexi. We did a little shopping and a lot of people-watching. It was good to just chill a little with Cory. Drew and Alexi are always little snuggle-bunnies and Josh is oblivious so me and Cory just went off own and kicked it for a while.
That led up to yet another late night of games and a late-night Ralph's run for munchies. Josh bought a lottery ticket from a vending machine, just on a whim. Then proceeded to go off on a tear for like 15 minutes about the evils of gambling and how the state is enabling addictions. Right. Monday Back to work early. Really tired.

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