16 May 2005

Birthday & Family

Home. If you have allergies and Palo Verde's are blooming it isn't always the best place to be hanging around. ;-) My father had a birthday this weekend. In my mind I know he is getting older but for some reason in my heart he is stuck at 53 whenever I've thought about him for the last decade or so. I guess we just filter our image of those around us. Yes, i know that is true. Some of my friends I don't see often and in my head they look just a certain way. When I see them in person I get a chance to update my mental photo directory. My sisters were there (mostly). I have a sister that looks just like my mom and it kept making me smile. All the nephews and my little neice were around and it was great. I had this little movie in my head of my family being together. For a while I think I was afraid it wouldn't be like that in real life. But it was. And better because it was real. Enough sappy nonsense...we had a good time. Happy Birthday Dad!

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