24 May 2005

Fat Rabbit

Today I'm driving to Los Angeles from Seattle. My friend Cory is going with me and we've driven most of the afternoon and evening. We're stopped in a little town in California to catch some zzzz's. We've had some neat adventures and laughed till soda came out our noses. Cory flirted with some chicks in the Taco Bell and then again in Fred Meyer when we had to buy a lock for the truck. There was a young lady named Victoria who thought Cory was just the cutest thing. She couldn't stop giggling and flirting with him. It was pretty funny and a joy to watch. There was another guy who was obviously waiting to talk with Victoria but she preferred to talk with Cory which made the other kid a little upset. The bad news was that we hit a deer on the road tonight. Very sad. It took out one of our headlights and banged up the front bumper. They were just standing in the road and materialized out of nowhere, there was nothing I could do. Cory wants me to remind everyone that he is sooo suave that he got the guy at Taco Bell to give him a free soda. Evidently he enjoyed flirting with that guy more than the girls. Go figure! The phrase for the trip was "I still haven't seen a club!" which was the main complaint in driving through these small towns. Then out of nowhere we came across Club 71 right next to the freeway which advertised itself as the hottest nightlife around. We'll post more of our adventures tomorrow.

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