23 January 2009

Things I'm Missing

It's pretty interesting the things I miss when I'm on the road.

This morning as I yanked myself to consciousness because of some crappy r&b station blaring out the alarm clock in my hotel room, it popped into my head how much I miss being serenaded awake by the strums of guitar or clicking of piano keys.

As is my nature, my mind immediately filled with all the other things I was currently missing. To jolt the synapses I ordered them:

  1. The shrill tempo of @jwalking singing "I am the greatest man who ever lived!" repeatedly. Saturday morning. Early.
  2. The way @debono constantly finds ways to share his hairy backside with the world.
  3. Coming home to realize @debono was cooking and it smells fantastic.
  4. Coming home to realize @jwalking was cooking and he burned something, then just made macaroni and cheese with ground beef. Unseasoned. Every day.
  5. My "why yes, it is the most comfortable place you've ever slept" bed.
  6. The way @itsmedrew would come over sweaty from the gym and wipe it all over my sheets.
  7. The way @jwalking would con anyone into going into whatever section of town he wanted so he could bum a ride to a random bar to hang with other people besides whomever gave him the ride.
  8. The blight on our wine, snack foods, and general wet blanket that is @jraq. A constant reminder that it is possible to be too cynical, too smart, and too good looking for your own good.
  9. Seeing @georgecostanza and @benthelollygoround out in public and realizing they are too cool for me to hanging out with. And yet they still gave me fist bumps and high-fives.
  10. @sir_dirtybird.
  11. Watching @mharp eye-shag another helpless victim. Then get bounced by a clueless and smashed @jwalking.
  12. @sarahofaces smiling face.
  13. Getting upwards of 30 tweets a day from @debono about weird food in Bangkok.
  14. Listening to @jwalking make sweet sweet ear-love to his guitar. In the other room. By himself.
  15. Coming home to find the dinner table being used for beer pong and I'm already 6 beers and 2 hours of drinking behind. And pouring a G&T to catch up.

If you've got any to add to the list, don't tell me. My hearts aching already.

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