24 February 2008

I'm Reed Fish

Every now and again I watch a movie that was just about to slip under my radar and can't believe I almost missed it.

I'm Reed Fish is one such wonder. It was funny and well-acted, the music was superb, and it was far from formulaic.

In this case, I think that might have been the issue. From one angle it is a fairly straight-forward story, but it is told in a round-about way that isn't always easy for today's shallow viewers to follow.

Of course, once you get a chance to watch Schuyler Fisk perform a song she wrote for the movie in the movie, I think minds might be opened a little. She's just really cool and the performance is excellent.

If you are a fan of Jay Baruchel who you might know from Undeclared or Just Legal, then you definitely need to add this to Blockbuster Queue.

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