13 February 2008

Campus Maps

Today I needed to find a map of the buildings on the various Microsoft campuses. You'd think this type of thing would be easier to find. A little google, and I was off to some random fellows blog (http://www.jeff-barr.com/?p=200) for links to the maps.

Now, I'm extremely grateful to this gentleman for posting the links. It was very helpful. The thing that annoyed me is why I have to bounce through some random blog to find the data that is actually hosted by Microsoft itself.

Apparently, they haven't properly tagged or linked or whatever their own content so that a Google (or Live) search for Microsoft Campus Maps returns the page with the maps on it. Why is that?

I suppose there is some ambiguous security thing or some such for making it less accessible, but puh-leez. If it is accessible at all then it is accessible! So you might as well make it easy and win some points for the legit users instead of trying to confound the supposedly inept illegitimate users.

Alternatively, they might just be lazy or incompetent. They are a fairly large organization, and Occam's Razor is still sharp.

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