20 January 2007

What A Week

This week I spent time trying somewhat unsuccessfully to reconnect with the some friends. For all my big talk about putting time into relationships and keeping up the friendships, it seems I've been just a crappy friend and let things go too far on a few fronts.

Work-wise, something is changing. Not sure exactly what is transpiring but every now and then in the background I can hear Dylan crooning "The Times They Are A Changing" and the impact hits me like a ton of bricks.

Evidently my desire for personal success can totally get in the way of the happiness of others. Sounds obvious I know, but I mean it larger than that. Usually we are all striving for those win-win type moments. Where we feel that those around us are equally encouraged by the positive movement. We all Get It. When we make a win that we are all sharing in the spoils. But alas, even when we've succeeded and pushed the ball further down the field, we stepped on a hand here, and a toe there. This week brings the phrase bumbling idiot a whole new facet of meaning for me. Now I have to see if the bull can't put some of the china shop back together.

I did however uncover the time to see a good friend and along the way relaxed with the band Shim over some cold ones.

Just when I'm feeling especially isolated, a connection is invigorated and some semblance of normalcy returns.

Then on the way home, I got a flat tire. So now I have to take this car back and get another one. Oh the joys of full-time travel. I should be grateful and not feel quite so inconvenienced. But I don't. Selfish bumbling idiot returns.

Somebody shake me.

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