24 January 2007

Melting Points

I have a new theory. Let me tell you where it came from.

On the advice of one of my friends, someone much cooler and smarter than myself, I have been reading the book Satisfaction by Gregory Berns, M.D., Ph.D.(aka Dr. Smarty-Pants).

The book gets a little technical from time to time (which explains why my friend liked it), but is very well written and full of interesting story-telling and novel concepts. Which is good because a major theme of the book is Novelty.

So as I'm reading this book, Gregory (we are on a first name basis now, evidently) divulges an interesting bit of trivia of which I was previously unaware. This is generally not a hard thing to do so in and of itself wouldn't be noteworthy. It was the content of this little gem that set my mind a swirling and eventually birthed my new theory. I share it with you now.

The melting point for chocolate is the tempature of the human body.

My response, much like yours I am sure, was first one of incredularity and wonderment. As this amazing bit of knowledge percolated fully around my cerebellum it pricked my curiosity until a new and interesting (to me) theory of unification started to form. All me to share it with you.

I am postulating that everything has a melting point at precisely the tempature where it can do the most impact. Sounds obvious but let me dig a little and elucidate because I'm not just talking about food. Or even things that melt.

With our relationships, our desires, or behaviors, and yes with our food, I believe there is a melting point. I point at which the solidity of a thing gives way to an altered state. A more fluid, volatile, malleable state. It is at that precise melting point that the maximum impact can be obtained. Chocolate is a great example of this. Precisely as it melts (which remember is at the same tempature as the human body) is the point when its versatility is tantamount. You can mix it into pastries and torts, or imbibe it as a liquid. You can spread it on graham crackers or marshmallows or strawberries. The possibilities feel limitless.

Consider the same effect in your job, your relationship, or with your dreams. When the heat is increased to just the right tempature so that the solidity of thing breaks down, wonderous new possibilities emerge. Challenges in your workplace become opportunities for advancement. The stress in your relationship can help you break patterns and envision the future in a different way. Struggling to accomplish your personal goals can clarify your motivations and hidden desires which in turn may open your eyes to alternative perspectives on satisfaction and quality of life.

Admittedly the idea is still fledgling but it has already altered my internal vocabulary. Now I just have to find my own melting point...

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