22 January 2007

Forget My Unforgetfulness

Last night at El Corazon (formerly Graceland) I was able to rock out to a great happy-punk show headlined by Bowling for Soup.

Actually, in my opinion the best sound on the bunch was from Quietdrive. They have a runaway hit with "Rise From The Ashes". After their set I naturally went and picked up their album. I'm a big believer in supporting the bands that play the music I enjoy.

After Quietdrive, the O.C. boys Melee gave us a fine performance. I hadn't heard them before but I was very impressed with the vocal performance and use of keyboards to move them out of happy-punk into other genres. They are coming out with an album but gave away a sampler disc which I picked up.

Next on the list was Over It. These guys brought a solid performance with a couple of juicy songs. As they wound down I meandered over and acquired their latest release as well.

When Bowling for Soup came on they pulled off something I have never before seen. By interacting with the audience and each other they took 30 minutes of music and drew it out into a 90 minute set. They were really funny, and it was a unique experience. I must confess I prefer a little more music, but then again, they played all the favorites including their new single and I didn't necessarily need to hear any of their lesser known tracks.

It was a very good show.

So I head back to my hotel and something about the tracks I've acquired seems very familiar to me but I just can't place it. Sure enough it turns out I'd already bought each of the albums I acquired tonight. So once again, I've supported the creators double again. I don't really mind of course. Their sweat is in this music and you can tell. Now I have an extra copy of each CD so I can give them away and turn a few more listeners into fans.

I'll throw up some pictures soon.

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