31 January 2007

Mayhem in Mumbai

The whirlwind that is my travel schedule these days found its way to Mumbai in India today. For most of you from the west coast of the United States it will be the middle of the morning when this post goes out. Here in Mumbai it's 3:30 in the afternoon following a wicked flight schedule.

To get things started, our plane was delayed about an hour leaving LAX. Considering that we only had a 70 minute window for our connection in Singapore, this was not boding well for us. We made the connection (barely) but that meant no showers, or downtime at all. We walked off one plane, skipped down 5 gates and jumped on the next one. The first leg is 18 hours, the second leg only 6.

Upon reaching Mumbai we learned that my traveling companion had his bags misplaced by the airline. They were nice enough about it, but that doesn't give you clean clothes to wear now does it?

After finally leaving customs we looked for our customary hotel driver (funny how familiar it all felt this time around) who was nowhere to be found. It turns out there was a mix-up in the schedule and we weren't booked into the hotel until tomorrow. And tonight they were completely full up. Ugh.

We managed to find the Marriott rep and got booked into another Marriott (very sweet). After a much needed bath I'm catching up on my email. It seems like an eternity since I've used my computer. And by computer I mean the internet.

Hopefully tomorrow our driver will locate us, the missing luggage will surface, and we can get down to work. Sure. Whatever happens, it'll be exciting.

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