18 April 2005

Whirlwind Weekend

These weekends where I don't have reliable internet are usually not that fun for me. This particular weekend, however, was an exception.

It started off with some work stuff, meeting a new employee which is always fun and interesting. I had dinner with a friend at Thai Ginger at Pacific Place. If I go too long between meals at a good Thai place I really miss their exceptional food. My weekend gastronomic experiences get even better, though!

Friday night I got to see my friend Cyndie's new BMW M3. What a sweet ride. It made me really miss the Porsche.

Later that night I shacked up with Nate. We went to see Midnight Madness in Royal Brougham and watched a really cool rave dancer. Of course, he had to get JBox which meant my car smelled all weekend. I wanted to stay up and chat but I was just too tired. He's doing so well and I'm so proud of the way he's just plowing through the school thing. You can tell his new job at Bucca keeps him busy because I've never see him be such a slob with his room before.

Check out some pictures here.

On saturday I had work and stuff to do in the morning which kept me moving all day. Then I went with a friend to Morton's Steakhouse for dinner. Let me just say, the Hot Chocolate Godiva cake will probably make your knees go weak. I was just a quivering mass mumbling yummy, yummy, by the time it was gone. The steak was okay, too. ;-)

Later on Saturday I went to see Bill Cosby at Benaroya Hall. What an amazing show. He is really smooth and funny. His insights and expressions were very welcoming and warm. I'm sorry I haven't had the opportunity to see him before. If he ever comes around again, I definitely recommend it. While on the subject, the Benaroya Hall is exquisite. A very welcome and much needed upgrade to the Seattle scene.
Even later on Saturday, the band Mortimer had a show at the Liquid Lounge in the EMP.

We saw Spanish for 100, and Weary also play. They were both pretty mediocre but there was a great cover of Jukebox Hero which the whole bar got into. Our waitress was really funny and at one point she took her hair down and just went off dancing, it was refreshing to watch.

Catching up with friends I haven't seen in a while made for quite an evening. Shannon started the evening with too much to drink ;-) and Amanda ended the evening that way.

They are both fun to hang out with. Throw in Lilly, Cyndie, Nate, Hank, Neal, and Scot and you've got yourself quite the party. The Liquid Lounge was pretty nice and the clientele was upscale.

Check out some pictures from the evening here.

I stayed with Scot, Neal, and Ryan on Saturday night after the concert. I was pretty tired but it was hilarious listening to them chatter away. Put me right to sleep. On Sunday I went to church with Scot.

It was a pretty good service. Very upscale, very young congregation. The speaker wasn't the regular pastor but I thought he did a fine job. While I was there I ran into Stahl's who I haven't seen in forever it seems. Neal played in the worship band and he was really tired which seemed to bring out his creativity or something. I haven't seen Stahl's or Neal in a while so I went a little overboard with the photos.

We went to Del Mar for lunch which is always a good way to go. You can check out pictures here.

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