14 April 2005

Redemption Revelation Reality

NBC started a new series called Revelations, which for some was also accompanied by sadness.

Not being a particularly old fellow, I nonetheless have found that a fascination with the end times hasn't waned one bit in my lifetime. You would think at some point the idea that no one really knows would just begin to reach a critical mass. Of all the mysteries of the supernatural, the end times are one of the few which are specifically supposed to remain enigma. The subject of the end of the world is clearly defined outside the realm of humanities ken.
Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour.
-- Matthew 25:13
A desire to prepare for the future is understandable. It makes sense that a description of the end times was included in Scripture for a reason. Having said that, some common sense and critical thinking are a prerequisite to keeping our heads on straight. All this hullaballoo about strange events and how what is happening in the world is predicting the end times seems like Y2K all over again. It seems to me that second-guessing the world around you is very hypocritical in the least and just plain contradictory at best. Either you believe Scripture is Scripture or you don't. If you believe it, then you don't fear the end times, you look for them with great anticipation. If you don't then all the interpretation in the world is just a waste of time.

It's not that I judge people for their desire to understand Revelations or the end times. I simply don't see the point. Much like worrying what the weather might be. You will either believe and prepare, or you won't and you'll endure what transpires. I find the whole concept of worry to be frustrating and sign of mental laziness. If it's important enough to worry about, shouldn't it be important enough to do something about? I'm not just talking about the earth-shattering end of the world, life and death things here. Choosing your employer, your education, your friends, deciding to get up on time, or to eat healthy food. These decisions we make every day big and small. We'll agonize about the inconsequential and ignore the life-altering.

Seatbelt or no? Soda or water? Read or watch? Speak up or sit quietly? Buy or rent? Study or frisbee? Isn't one just as important as another? What a great deception we've perpetrated that we can no longer judge the significant from the superfluous.

. Yep, that's me.

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