19 April 2005

New Found Glory

Tonight I went and checked out my favorite band ever...New Found Glory.

They performed at the Gothic Theater in Denver which is an excellent venue. They have been on a long tour of smaller venues like this one and the difference is incredible. The concert was outstanding! They rocked my socks off!

It was simply one of the best concerts I have ever attended, period. They did tons of their older songs and all of my favorites. Even now I am amazed at how many songs are still on my list of all-time greatest hits. It just seemed like every one they did was the one I was waiting for. Then they'd do the next one and I'd be like, "oh I love this song"!

Eisley opened and they were very good. I've only recently listened to their music but I was impressed with their capability on stage. Like many groups I've seen, I really only get into them once I've seen them live. Something about making the music more real to me or whatever.

In the middle was Reggie and the Full Effect which was just hysterical to watch. They came out in bunny suits and towards the end did a Slayer cover. Bunnies singing Slayer. ;-) They are pretty heavy metal which is not my style, but they were fun to watch.

The pictures from my new camera turned out really great. Check out the whole set here. I also took some amazing videos, you'll have to ask if you wanna see one.

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