25 April 2005

Weekend Update

This weekend was beautiful in Arizona. I got to hang out with and their families. My nephew had a baseball game and several other relatives were in attendance. Then on Sunday after church we ran into another of my cousins and her children. It's refreshing that everyone is staying in touch. And a good reminder that I need to be around more also.

Mya & Friends
I went to visit my littlest sister at her place. I've hung out with her and her friends before and they are a fun group. She hates it when I take her picture.

Trampoline Fun
Friday night I went to a movie with my younger sister Charity and stayed at her house. Her son Sebastian is just freakin' adorable! The next day we went to Mindy & Cedric's house. My nephews got freaky on the trampoline. I should point out that Sebastian loves baseball and has amazing motor skills. The kid can through far and accurately, and he can catch and hit well beyond what you'd expect.

Family Lunch
We all went to lunch at Red Robin. It was good to spend time watching my sisters take such good care of their families. Sometimes you don't really how easy that is to miss. Afterwards we went and saw Robots at the theatre. Mindy loves to get there early, but time passes quickly when you are with people you love.

Darius' Baseball Game
My nephew Darius had a baseball game on Saturday night. My cousins son is on the same team. I got to see my sisters and cousins all hanging out and chatting it up. It started to rain so they broke out the umbrellas, it was pretty funny. Darius played second-base and also pitched. Unfortunately they lost, but I'm told that was pretty unusual.

Church, Pizza, and Frisbee
My little sister and her family attend church at Calvary in Phoenix. I was allowed the honor of going with them on Sunday. It's a pretty big congregation, but the message was really good. After church I spent some time with my Mom, Dad, and Grandma. Later in the afternoon I went to the park with my nephews and tossed frisbee around.

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