19 March 2005

Worship Night @ P-Naz

On my way home from the airport today I hooked up with Parker and Scot. We got some lunch at Del Mar (great Taco Salad!). We planned the worship set for the evening.

Then we ran out to DKonz and picked up a tuner, packed up the band equipment and headed to P-Naz. After setup and tons of practice we took the whole crew out in the Falcon and grubbed on Pad Thai. Yummy!

The set really rocked and went smoothly. After we socialized and chatted everyone up for a while, we had to take all the stuff back to the church. Scot and Parker offered to help me move my couches and some other big stuff into storage. It feels good to the have the big stuff taken care of.

I'll have to borrow Suz's truck tomorrow to finish it off.

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