29 March 2005

Moving Time

I spent Easter with friends and it was great. Even though the weather was cloudy, it was wet and cold my mood was excellent and I was in a very contented frame of mind. Honestly, I really just wanted to curl up with movie and nod off ensconced in my comforters. Then I went and hung out with Dave and he got me all riled up. Boo.

Yesterday I was moving and cleaning. I got everything put in storage and the apartment cleaned. It was a productive day, but tiring. Along the way, I managed to listen to some music, have a good talk with one of my neighbors and not be stressed or feel rushed at all.

I flew into Denver last night (thank God for upgrades!) pretty late and the hotel didn't have the reservation I'd made last week. Fortunately, they were able to accommodate me with no problem. Since I basically live in that hotel you'd hope there wouldn't be an issue. Unfortunately, it was so late I none of my usual places to get a bite were open and I just couldn't bring myself to do room service. So I went to bed hungry which always makes it hard to sleep. Argh.

This morning, I woke up two hours late because the wonderful hotel alarm was going off in stealth-mode. I have got to figure that out for tomorrow so this doesn't happen again. In the end it's cool because I really needed the rest. Now I'm supposed to be doing a tech screen. Gotta get on the phone...more later.

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