14 February 2005

Snot Rock

Had a good air guitar jam session lately? They are a much needed escapade from time to time, if you ask me.
While cruising the online airwaves, I came across these guys. The band is a called Frickin' A. They've been gaining quite a bit of notoriety lately, especially in Boston during the Series because of their hit Merry Merry Merry Frickin' Christmas.
They've got a real shallow fun sound that is ideal for those of us who like to sing and flail as we drive. According to VH1 they prefer to call their sound Snot Rock, which you can kind of understand after listening to their music. My personal favorite is track #7, but their cover of Jessie's Girl is a fantastic update to a solid classic.
Hear tell their might be a video with a cameo from Springfield himself...

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