15 February 2005

Eric's a Stud!

It sure is easy to take people for granted. I'm the worst at that. Okay, sure people who know me will grudgingly admit that occassionally I'm considerate. But for the most part I'm a self-absorbed jerk whose capacity for egocentric behavior is surpassed only by you-know-who. Today, I was reminded how cool some of my friends can really be. Eric was the culprit in this current episode of Lifting The Spirit (a heartwarming tale about the unsuspecting kindness of others). Without even knowing it he boosted me. It was just a few polite phrases but just the fact that he took time to connect in the middle of a busy day made me smile. Sometimes I miss the sounding board that constant close personal contact provides. You don't always realize that you are carrying stress or worrying or just feeling morose. It's when you rub lives that you remember what it's like to have a genuine reason to smile. If you see my on the street (or pretty much anywhere for that matter) I'll be carrying a smile. If I'm listening to music it's probably an oversized wolfish grin that will make you wonder what I'm up to. But that's just me squeezing joy from existence. The joy I take in the happiness of others makes those smiles pale.
If walking in the sunshine with good tunes is a life in color, then experiencing a friend finding their bliss is hi-definition DLP.

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