28 February 2005

Decisions, Decisions

In going through the motions of mapping my mental mindset, I found I had to rediscover that inevitable of truths. In the end, the choice is your alone. Sure, you guys all act like you have this whole freewill independance thing all figured out. But I know you struggle with direction and purpose just as much as I do. Maybe I'm just more vocal with my tantrums. This past couple days as I reflected more on goals and motivations I kept coming face to face with the beauty of personal choice. Over and over, in different situations, in movies, television, a few newspaper articles, Slashdot posts, other blogs and so on. The idea that we get to choose. No, not that we get to choose. That we must choose for ourselves. Ultimately even our inactions are choices we must accept. It's the pleasure and peril that is freewill. God gave us this amazing gift, and it both lifts us up and allows us to wallow in the depths. It's such an attractive ideal, until you realize that responsibility is the remuneration we accept in return. So if we all have to own up to what we've done, then why does so much of life seem unfair? Evil triumphs, the good-looking bad people win, those with integrity or ethics get taken walked on and abused, the selfish hoard successes and so on. Is it just a future type of thing?
We are never alone Bringin' down angels today His promises are true he's always Closer than we're far away - By The Tree
I choose to believe that what we do impacts not just the future, but the now. The today. That holding to my character, standing firm in my integrity isn't just the harder road. That it will be the better road. After all, the way might be narrower and harder to walk, but His burden is light, right? That's the idea anyway. I guess the baggage only gets lighter when you give it up. That's the non-obvious part. So we get to make our own decisions, now what? Where's the litmus test for good decisions? How to be sure that my decisions are deliberate and dependable. I feel that baggage starting to build up again...

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