20 August 2011

Frightened Rabbit and Death Cab For Cutie

One of my most anticipated shows ever was exactly what I hoped for and more.

The Greek is just an amazing venue and it was perfect for Frightened Rabbit and Death Cab for Cutie. It was their second night in LA and had I been able, I would have attended both.

Frightened Rabbit opened right on time and played most every song I needed to hear. At one point, just when I was on the verge of yelling out Backward Walk, which is something I never do, they started playing it. Talk about a magic moment. As a band they put on an excellent show, are extremely engaging and obviously the music is just top-notch.

Of particular note is the drummer for Frightened Rabbit (Grant Hutchison). While there are a lot of drummers that are incredible to watch, Grant rockets to the top of the list with his charisma and verve. It isn't often you get to experience a drummer who pours himself into the set with such intensity of passion and elegance of performance. A good drummer can make you notice a decent band. A fantastic drummer blows your freakin' mind and hooks you for life. The things I would do to watch him reproduce the aural orgasm that was Head Rolls Off have introduced a gray area in my normally black and white ethical code. Perhaps this is how crack addicts feel?

Of course, DCFC put on a great show as always. We go way back and there is no new perspective my commentary could add.

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