17 August 2011

But Why'd They Do It

There aren't really good answers to this one. It has been on my mind a bit of late and there are lots of rambling mumblings that I've put to paper and discarded. When searching out what others say, it left me numb and the verge of cynical.

Then I came across something from a writer I've enjoyed...
They are driven by hunger or for the experience of someone being hungry once more for them. They find themselves in friendships that take an unintended turn or they seek them out because they're horny or drunk or damaged from all the stuff they didn't get when they were kids. There is love. There is lust. There is opportunity. There is alcohol. And youth. And middle age. And twelve-day-long writers' conferences in rustically genteel settings that give one the impression that the world one left no longer exists. There is loneliness and boredom and sorrow and weakness and self-destruction and idiocy and arrogance and romance and ego and nostalgia and power and need. There is the compelling temptation of intimacies with someone other than the person with whom one is most intimate.
-- Sugar
That was good enough for me.

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