24 February 2010

The Rescues

After a social hiatus of reasonable length I chose an evening out with the
performers of a favourite song of mine "Breakout".

The acoustics and staff of the Troubadour were as always excellent. The
show was a great way to get back in the music scene.

The opener was Lucy Schwartz a talented musician of diverse gifts. And I
would say that even if she hadn't been nice enough to chat after the show.
(Turns out the lady flirting with me was a friend of the band. Small world.)

The best part was the harmony of "My Love". This group has such a powerful
steez that it takes my breath away.

Along the way the took the opportunity to showcase their many talents by
switching off vocal leads, harmonies and instruments. It's quite a talented

In the end, it was memorable night worthy of jumpstarting my membership in

Well done guys. Well done.

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