03 February 2010

Moving Day...

With the decision by Google to discontinue support for outside hosts for blogs, I've had to migrate my various and sundry blogs to use Google hosting and custom domains.

This turned out to be less onerous then I anticipated, even though I'm still not cool with the idea that I don't have copies of my files sitting on my servers.

In reality, who cares were the files sit? Google promises to allow me to export them at any time, and I assume (as most of you probably do, let's face it, only geeks read the fine print in the EULA!) they'll show good faith with my data and my sites. It's not like I'm really trusting them with anything new anyway. I'm just another step removed away from my files. *harumph*

When it's all said and done, I understand they've got a business to run, and they seem to be making the right noises to reassure the restless inmates (myself included!) who tend to run generally amok in this particular zoo.

Feel free to point out broken links, missing images, or other things that seem odd. Except about my writing of course. That has been and will remain, very, very, very odd.

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