03 March 2010

Where's The Music?

Last night I couldn't sleep while I slept.

Don't look at me like that! You know what I mean! I was asleep, but I wasn't really sleeping. Instead I was fitfully tossing and turning with dreams and random thoughts bouncing around my cranium.

I'm not someone who typically remembers my dreams so it was disconcerting to wake up in full sweat with a vivid memory of the horror in my nightmare. Specifically, I couldn't find my music!

What happened is that I was at some function/party/gathering. And we needed to dance. So first I pulled out an iPod and kicked things off with "Bedrock" by Young Money. And then I couldn't find any other dance music. Nothing. Nada. It was was all emo and mellow and not appropriate for the rumpus we were trying to instigate at all.

Thinking quickly, I conjured up a MacBook (huh? I don't own a MacBook...) and proceeded to try and navigate my usual playlists to keep the party bouncing.

Once again, it seemed there was no dance music to be had. Anywhere. A complete dearth of bass-pumping beats, techno-thumping, or booty-shaking hip-hop. I found lots of Taylor Swift and Matt Nathanson, a sprinkling of Dashboard Confessional and reams upon reams of New Found Glory. But no Britney, no MGMT, not even a little Selena Gomez remix to get hands up and hips moving.

The sheer panic and distress this caused me was terrifying. I was on the verge of tears that all the music was gone. I felt like Captain Jack on the island ready to weep for the rum! And then I woke up.

My alarm was beeping and I was sweaty and cramped. Let's hope this never happens in real life.

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