28 August 2009

Sometimes Bangkok reminds me of Vegas

There are some exceptionally nice venues in Bangkok. Several times I
felt a profound deja vu as if I were in Las Vegas.

Riding around the BTS is a great way to check out the city. It's very
reasonably priced usually taking me about a buck to get from one of
the city to another. There terminals are very clean and accessible
and even at peak times it's not ridiculous (a la Tokyo or Mumbai).

The monuments are beautiful and tasteful, with a sense of pride in
evidence at the places of honor. For some reason I didn't find myself
taking as many pictures as usual. I guess it was either things I
didn't want to take pictures of, or things I didn't feel it was
appropriate to snap.

The lightning storms at night have been really dramatic. Being on the
17th floor offers a great view of the lightning striking all around
the city. I'm hoping the weather is much different in the islands for
the next week.

Things are coming along well with Pivotal, and I'm almost done
crafting up a resume. What a major pain that has been.

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