08 August 2009

Jack's Mannequin & The Fray

Coming back from Burbank I headed with @thegf to a show at the

Jack's Mannequin I've seen before and they never disappoint.
Especially in a great venue like the Paramount in GA configuration.
They played all my favorites and really pulled in the crowd.

The Fray had an amazing light display. They used mini-cams, lots of
them, projected on an LED strip over the stage. They changed cameras
with each song so it was a very intimate connection watching close-up
of the drummer and keyboardist for example. Being able to watch the
fingering and specific work each artist did for each song was genius.

Beyond that, it wad amazing how each artist played multiple
instruments. They are a very versatile band and even swapped vocalists
for some songs.

All together, it was a great show and whoever does their stage
production needs a huge bonus because it was magnificent! Easily one
of the best I've witnessed. And if you're reading this, you have some
idea of how many shows I see.

On a side note, one of things I'm enjoying most about having a
consistent companion these days is the easy way it is to go out. I
guess I learned something about why some couple I know who don't seem
to have a reason to stay together, end up staying together. It's just
so freaking comfortable and reassuring to be with someone else.

More to come on that subject later, I guess.

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