05 April 2007


This week, like a sentence of mine, has been really full.

It has been really good to connect back with people I care about; to engage in the business of living a little. My workouts have been (almost) daily, my meditations intense, my recreation relaxing.
It's not what we eat but what we digest that makes us strong; not what we gain but what we save that makes us rich; not what we read but what we remember that makes us learned; and not what we profess but what we practice that gives us integrity.
--Francis Bacon
In honesty, not much has changed except the faces and the focus. And yet somehow everything has changed.

Soon I'll get to head back to Seattle and meet up with old friends and share my work in a professional circle. Before then will come the weekend and some cavorting with compatriots. A game of Nertz is just what I need to restore me again. Anyone know a decent place to socialize in Orange County?

By the way, if you have the stomach for it, check out Blades of Glory. Very funny. Very, very, wrong.

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