15 April 2007

There's Talking and There's Talking

A friend of mine came with me and we visited an amusement park over the weekend.

This particular friend isn't the most adventurous, which is okay. His gifts are definitely in other areas and I respect his acute awareness of his own boundaries. Most of the time.

Unfortunately my normal deviousness came out (can you even say that?). With much seduction and smooth talk we sweetly marched him onto a ride that he really didn't want to go on. It just happens to be one of my most favorite rides in the world and one I've never known anyone to regret riding. For some reason my bossy butt decided it would be okay to circumvent his own inner checkpoint and coerce him to participate. Which he did admirably.

Going in I knew he might never forgive me and still I proceeded. What on earth was going on in my head that I felt such a deep need to give him this experience I love so much when it would hold no such value for him?

Afterwards I asked him if he was glad he did it and he said Yes. But I'm not sure how heartfelt it was. He was smiling and proud of himself but very wary. Sometimes saving us from ourselves is good. Sometimes not. I wish I was better at knowing when. I think most of my friends wish I did too.

Needless to say, he earned my respect and has a great story to tell. Of course, I'll never be able to talk him onto another ride again. Which is okay, because he did the best one of them all.

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