17 December 2006

Soft Feet

This weekend I had some down-time (much needed!) and I got to take a bath. Okay, no laughing, I actually bathe quite often. Every day at least, and twice a day if my work-out is at night instead of morning. I'm not talking about showering and getting clean, I am talking about relaxing in the tub, taking a nice long soak. Hot water, bubbles, peace and quiet, the whole bit.

While taking time for reflections is nothing new to me, this particular venue for meditations comes with a side-effect that evidently I had forgotten. Soft feet. After soaking in a tub of hot water for almost an hour, my feet come out soft and...ahem...tender. Not that they aren't usually just fine, after all I'm sort of fond of lotion and being clean. It is just that I really enjoyed the feel of my freshly pruned feet on hotel carpet.

Anyway, shout out to my friends in P-Town. And Cooper, I'm kindda sad you didn't tell me about the whole engagement thing. One of my real friends had to fill me in since you can't seem to pick up a freakin' phone or type a bloomin' email. Congrats, bud.

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