10 December 2006

It's Their World...

...we're just living in it.  I'm talking about women, of course.

This weekend afforded me the very rare opportunity to mingle amidst the masses and witness the spectacle that is shopping during the holiday season.  While trundling around from store to store picking out presents and gifts galore it struck me how much more there was for women than for men.  The remainder of the excursion it seemed that every store I visited exhibited the same proportions.  Mostly it was for women, with a nod to the fact that occasionally men need new things too.

Old Navy was especially apparent, actually taking over a whole section of normally menswear with female accoutrements. Even Club Monaco and normally even keeled Kenneth Cole fell in with the stereotype that men require only the minimum of floor space and variety.

Am I strange for feeling slighted in the shopping arena?

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