02 August 2005

Medicaid for Millions

Sometimes trying to find something the government is getting right feels harder than it should be. Then out of nowhere some blokes in Congress unlock the Medicaid doors and you realize the power of good government.

For those not in the loop, recent changes in eligibility restrictions on Medicaid are making it possible so that thousands of families who can't afford health insurance are finally able to receive care with federal funding.

This is great news for us as a country! It shows that we don't have to have a completely socialistic movement to make progress evening out the standard of living.

On the flip-side, it is worth noting how once again WalMart (translation: evil, despicable, parasitic corporation responsible for the deterioration of western civilization.) is at the forefront of employers who pay so extremely little and offer such outlandishly meager benefits. In USA Today the spokesman Dan Fogleman actually acknowledges that they are aware many of their employees are on Medicaid! He tries to spin it like their employees have a choice and are just being "cost-conscious". Of course, for the family to be eligible that means they are living below the poverty line! Their idea of fair wages is to pay people wages below the poverty line and provide such pitiful benefits that those families must turn to the government for health care.

Okay, I'm just going to say again how great it is that we are seeing enough governmental reform that the working class is finally getting the help they need. If I think about how much WalMart disgusts me, I might have to vomit.

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Anonymous said...

Medicaid is great help to many for health coverage as millions lack health insurance. I hope we can improve our health care system and medicaid for the people which need coverage.