01 March 2009

The Next Taxi

Thanks to @debono being home I felt it appropriate to choose an original piece and post it. Wouldn't want him thinking I slacked on my emo duties just because of him.

I wrote this one some time ago but it seemed to fit my mood and the activities of the day.

On this day, some years ago, one of the two most beautiful creatures in the world was born. I sang her Happy Birthday this morning. What a blessing.


Next time I won't encourage
When cupids cab at last comes round for me
I'll watch my words and hold my flapping tongue

It only takes a moment, a push, a prod,
A gentle poke to place me on the proper path

Hands up and waving, arms flailing, flagging down this taxi
Taking me toward tomorrow and inescapably away

You couldn't change, you can't correct your course and so

I'm standing still and sober, somber inside, sunshine out
Allowing time and a taxi to take me inescapably away

Next time I won't encourage
When cupids cab comes round for me
I'll watch it leave and hold my own heart and hands

- The Next Taxi

Watching the people crowd this airport, ordering their coffees and bagels, I find comfort in the anonymity. I see those flying full of fear, and those with anticipation near to bursting. The collective energy just washes over me and so I smile.

Then my phone dings with a tweet from @dsummer. It's obscene and hilarious and makes me laugh out loud.

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