29 June 2007

A Dance, Dance Blur

This week was a blur.

One of my friends was actually in the same city that I was (Seattle!) and we didn't even get to say hello! Bummer.

But I did get a lot accomplished and took some fantastic pictures of the Fall Out Boy concert. I'll post all pictures soon to the usual places.

On a completely different note, my babies leave for Costa Rica soon (sigh).

So as to take my mind off not spending time with them for a while, this weekend I'll just be relaxing. Maybe I'll get out and see Live Free or Die Hard. Whatcha think?


Anonymous said...

Dallas always a great place to visit if you have some down time:-)

Anonymous said...

check out the new finding nemo ride at disney land .... its super cool.... just keep swimming... just keep swimming.... all u need to do is just keep swimming.... :D