04 May 2007

The World Spins Madly On

The headline for this post is taken from a song by The Weepies. A most excellent duet, it is not uncommon to find their music providing the soundtrack for my thoughts.

This weekend, friends of mine are graduating from college. Another friend of mine just broke up with his long-time fiancé. I met new friends in the evening and spoke of fascinating endeavors and the future. My work continued late into the night, and ended only partially resolved. Still the world spins.

What do you grab onto when the sphere shifts beneath you to rapidly to follow? When the whirlwind catches you in its clutches, where do you look for grounding?

Even as a man of faith, it can be neigh futile to see the pattern in the shifting sands. Although reading through His Word works wonders for my sense of clarity. Still the world spins.

If I was only better at offering support. If only the proper words to say flowed more freely from my lips. If somehow I could succor those suffering. If only my accolades were more meaningful, my pride more impactful. If only I could graciously rejoice and mourn at turns without this vertigo.

Still the world spins.

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