07 May 2006

The Vegas Quotes from Day One

Steve: Vegas, baby.
Joshu: I'm in love man.  In love.
Geniveve: She doesn't really drink.  I don't think she has sex. What is she thinking?
Lane: We're going to the jacuzzi at 4 in the morning.
Joshu: I'm drawing you a bath.  You are getting in the bath.
Steve: We are getting boy-band status tonight.
Joshu: I'm spooning you until you come down with us. And I'm just going to keep saying spoon so you know what's happening.
Steve: You are a pessimistic guy.  But that's beside the point.
Geniveve: Prague girls are hot.  I almost went lesbian for just a minute. I mean hot.
Lane: You are obsessing over this girl and we all just say 'F'-that.  And we mean it both ways.

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Anonymous said...

Ken I love you...total savage....oh P.S. I found your blog.......Vegas baby