03 May 2006

Men of Film

By way of adding some more fuel to The Problem with Men, you should check out the newest study from USC about the portrayal of men in movies.  Evidently men are mostly "casanova's, criminals, or clowns".  If we are teaching our children so much through movies is it any wonder we are seeing the repurcussions now?  We see evidence of this decay all around us.

We already know that women are supposedly under-represented in G-rated movies, because See Jane told us so.  According to that study, in G-rated movies the characters are inordinately male.  Which may very well be true.  Of course, being skeptical I ran my own little test.  I used a quick formula to assign male, female, or both to each major Disney film release since 1937.  The ratio was closer to 53% male, 47% female, but I digress.

In the end, my point is that sure movies teach us things.  We find things humorous and entertaining which won't always mirror our value systems.  Does this mean we have some systemic problem we have to rush out to counter?  I say, boo.

If the values of the majority mirrored your own, then you could expect popular theater and culture to reflect that.  Since it doesn't, don't be surprised.  You want to change that?  Don't treat the symptom, address the disease.

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