07 March 2006

Avoiding Pretense

That warming smile like gentle heat of desert dawn
that voice like rushing wind through silent forest trees
the newness of heart brings in mind the
gentle sloping fields after first snow fall all pure
intense in innocence but easily changed
marred melted by the heat of this ever moving world.

Standing near as I wish her to my heart alive
with thoughts of her when finally together
 our spirit minds are one in vision eyes are too
paralleled with no convergence
intertwined with no divergence.

In life so close are we in mind so distant, unapproachable?

The radiant glow that means her smile on me
I see and feel as if tomorrow could not would not
be just a yesterday to come a past that's willing
to be made not only memories that fade.

With smile to my eyes her thoughts
unknown to me except as prayers.
Her life unchanged as yet made
known to me but not in full.

For what may not be cared for can be shared and so
avoid pretense of despair for that which we
cannot change such as my being now alone.

I listen for the words of emotion to speak in song to soul and
change that which I know to be a dream
into the reality that others see and I alone must now endure
with pleasure drawn when near to her again.

She smiles and I recieve at last truth from behind
the nervous eyes that may seem to see the me and
care for that which cannot be the thoughts and deeds
from one soul such as myself.

Were that my thoughts with which I think of her
could at last be straight in this my crooked mind and
though pulled together let us be firm as friends and
center also on God who attracts each and extracts
from each the glory due His name.

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