28 February 2006

A Changing View?

These last few weeks I've been working in California.  Newport Beach to be more precise.  The thing about this area is that it is very appearance-oriented.  Lots of beautiful people and so forth.

In walking back from the mall for lunch the other day, my friend Tim made an interesting comment that I thought was insightful and humorous...and perhaps a little sad.  Basically, is that when you are young and single and looking around at members of the opposite sex, you tend to focus on the body.  Then as you get older you realize how important the face is and you focus more on it.  The idea is that as you mature, you realize that bodies will change over time, but you'll have to keep looking into that same face for the rest of your life!

The funny thing was, I thought through just about every conversation I'd had the past week and realized how right he was.  If you know Tim it doesn't take long to realize that he is definitely beyond his years, but this was one more proof.

And before you jump to conclusions, yes, I made the transition.  More or less. ;-)

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