30 September 2011

Jimmy Eat World

For some reason it felt like it had been a while since I'd been to the
Wiltern. But Jimmy Eat World was celebrating the 10 year anniversary
of Bleed American by playing the whole album.

It is amazing how defining some albums can be for your history. In
four stanzas I watch a whole crowd, myself included, transported
seamlessly back a decade. A few riffs and this vivid rush of memories
overpowers your mental state. All at once passion and pain and love
and loss slam into your psyche and you relive a long ago time in a
hyperspeed hash plugged directly into your emotional cortex.

I'm not saying JEW is the key to world peace, but music, especially
amazingly moving emotional intelligent inspirational ageless anthems
are certainly one of the only forces in the universe with the kind of
potential to make it possible. It sure walks all over my mind with
reckless abandon. And watching the masses move so mightily in chorus
during the show I'm convinced I'm not the only one.

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