03 May 2010

The Last Rodeo

This past weekend I was given the opportunity to see some legends of country music on their last tour.  Brooks & Dunn are mainstays of the scene for two decades and I've never before seen them live.

Being able to see such industry icons was a rare treat. I did not however wear a cowboy hat.

The opener was Jason Aldean a musician who has grown on me. He worked at his show but definitely hid behind the microphone a little much. That didn't stop the crowd from rocking out though. His crowd pleasing singles warmed the place up well.

During B&D there were some cool historic videos and a great tribute to the armed forces which included bring some servicemen out to be applauded and praised. That is always a cause for hooting and hollering and generally showing your pride in America.  And since it was a country show, the crowd played their part smashingly.

These remarkable performers won't be around forever so catch them while you can.

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Drew said...

Brooks and Dunn Are Great live It Just Goes To Show How Experience Matters They've Been on The Country Music Scene For Years!!.I'am In To Karaoke And Have My Own Karaoke Business( CD Karaoke Machine ),and Have Been Doing Karaoke For Years and I Love Singing Brooks and Dunn Songs I'am Not Has Good Has Them But Its Fun Trying,By The way Love Your Music Blog. Drew H.