30 May 2009

A Great Mosh and a Funny Story

Last night at the ShowBox SoDo I finally got to check out a live show
by a band I've listened to for many years, Taking Back Sunday.

It was a little worrisome watching all the misspent youth in line and
then they only had the railing for the beer section on the small
setting. But it turns out it didn't matter to me at all.

The opener was Envy on the Coast who I'd never heard of before. They
were definitely an opening band. They had a good presence but no
consistency in the music. More experience maybe?

Anberlin played a great set before TBS came on. I've seen them before
and they brought a fabulous energy. And since they played a lot, all
these weak Seattle moshers couldn't stand the heat so they had to
bounce out of the pit early leaving plenty of wriggle room which I
immediately ransacked.

It was one of those really ludicrously hot pits that's just rank
armpits, swinging elbows, flinging sweat drops, ninja farts, and the
collective shouting of choruses in each others faces, mixed at 120
degrees and sprayed occassionally by water from the bouncers on the

The wonderful diversity of my circle of friends was further reinforced
last night when I enjoyed a little misunderstanding. My friend was
having work done on her car and so I asked "How's the tranny in your
car? Did everything turn out okay?" to which she responded "Nikki is
great, his boobs turned out fabulous!".

Yes, I know I should have been more specific.

Afterwards I met up with a different group to wish @rnjurk a Happy
Birthday. Who knew she had hot friends? And why has she been hiding

To cap off the night, I got to watch the indomitable Berkies doing the

Mi Vida Loca.

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