10 February 2009

No More Tries

From time to time, I lose my words. Usually it is those things which I don't want to face head-on. Whatever the reason, at those times I find myself leaning on the words of others. Kendall Payne is one such poet whose well I retreat to from time to time.

So much deeper than the oceans is the heart of man
So much higher than the mountains
Are the things that I don't understand
Like why I'm crying over someone who will never give a damn

We have boarded up the basement for the storm has found its prey
I have bottled my emotions and saved them for a rainy day
Now I'll drink the bitter poison of a love that’s been delayed

Since you've been gone, I can't fight it I can't fight it
I've tried for too long I can't hide it I can't hide it anymore

This has called for desperate measures
We have left our pride behind
We are aging with the hours of this superficial life
And I refuse to be a failure, I have to give it one more try

But I doubt that you are listening and I doubt that you are moved
I have doubted every step along this long and darkened journey
But I have never doubted you
Now the longing has awoken and I don't know what to do

-- One More Try from Paper Skin by Kendall Payne

It's okay to be overwhelmed. Wanting to give up is natural. And for some things, you do need to let them go. Stop trying. Let them fade.

Just don't give up on the big stuff. Like life and living. You always have to keep living. And breathing is usually a good idea also. Unless it's really smoggy out.

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