17 March 2008

Truck Signs

As I was trucking around the beautiful city of Scottsdale today I ended up behind a truck with lots of signage.

It wasn't helpful, professional signage, this was personal all the way. Now normally I think bumper stickers and the like are only sported by ignorant and naive people who are so closed-minded and self-absorbed that they think the general public will actually care about their opinions and stances on assorted crap.

For some reason this particular truck didn't make me jump to judgement quite so fast. Which made me wonder about me more. (Now who's self-absorbed.)

Why is it that when I agree with the sentiments displayed that I'm less heated about the ignoramus displaying them? Am I really so shallow as to be swayed simply by alignment of sympathy? I would like to see myself more consistent than that. Alas.

If you have signage I agree with, even partially, I will be much less apt to despise you and declare you dumb. If you really only want to espouse moronic overly impractical platitudes through the venue of your vehicle, I will openly mock you in my head. If that happens to be on the way to a job interview with me, you probably won't get it because I'll have already decided you aren't smart enough just using your bumper sticker as empirical evidence of your poor decision-making and communication skills. The same goes if you show up for the interview on a motorcycle without wearing a helmet.

Yes I am that shallowly analytical. Best to own up quickly eh?

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