19 January 2008

Sex and Chocolate

My life is usually pretty simple. I travel full-time so I have to stay pretty light. Which means I don't collect nearly as much stuff and junk as at one point I was known too.

Okay, so I still end up with stacks of books everywhere I go, but books are so sacred that surely we can over look that one. And music, I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 thousand songs taking up around 400GB on my external drive. Again, music is a sacrosanct virtue so it shouldn't count, right?

The hardest thing for me are gadgets. Trips to Best Buy and such are torture for me. I see the beautiful flat screens and WII's and Xbox's and so on. I start to sweat a little and my mouth gets dry. Then I usually see a nerdy looking sales person and I snap right out of it. I have no home so no Blue Ray player for me.

When it comes to what other people can't live without it is interesting what ranks highest. In a poll from last summer men valued sex 5 times more than chocolate and 4 times more than alcohol. On the other hand women ranked sex and chocolate the same. This was a serious marketing survey. Hmmph.

As someone currently Celibate By Choice (CBC) these stats don't really amaze me. Well, the difference between sex and alcohol is a little surprising. Without the alcohol there would be much less sex, wouldn't there?

There were some other interesting statistics but nothing that wasn't equally obvious.

How would you rank 'em?

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